Light fixtures

Introducing modern classics

Archive Lights

In the basement of the production building at Hadeland Glassverk, we discovered a product catalogue with lights from the early 1900s. In the winter of 2018/2019 we selected several stylish designs, which are now being hand blown again by our skilled craftsmen. The lights can be found in stores from May.

Glass Spheres

The popular Glass Sphere lighting series is designed by Maud Gj. Bugge and is hand-blown and cut by our talented craftsmen and women at Hadeland Glassverk using 250 year old techniques.


Hadeland Glassverk has in the past illuminated and decorated numerous locations across the country, including the Parliament building, The Norwegian Opera House, H & M's new flagship store on Karl Johan, the river promenade in Sandvika, Kennedy Center Concert Hall, and various churches including Våler Church and Paulus Church. All our products are made by hand. You receive specially produced unique design made in cooperation with our designers and glassblowers.

Glass art installations

Hadeland Glassverk has provided artworks in glass for both private and public buildings including Villa Stenersen, Statkraft, Argent restaurant, Bølgen & Moi, Ringerike hospital and various churches. Glass and porcelain are transparent materials that work wonderfully with light either as a lamp, a chandelier or integrated as other décor elements. We work with a varied colour spectrum to suit both buildings and interiors.

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Hadeland Glassverk was established in 1762 and is Norway’s longest existing industry company. Previously both Høvik Lys and Høvik Verk were a part of Hadeland Glassverk, and in the 1950’s and 60’s Hadeland Glassverk was one of Norway’s largest lighting suppliers. In recent years lighting has not been the main focus area for Hadeland Glassverk, but after increased interest are our designers, glassblowers and glass cutters now in full production!

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