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    Siri lyspakke grå
    SIRI Siri lyspakke grå
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    Siri lyspakke klar
    SIRI Siri lyspakke klar
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Siri from Hadeland Glassverk, designed by award-winning, Norwegian glass designer Willy Johansson, was first launched in 1954. Johansson wanted to introduce a new collection of glassware for everyday use, which should be beautiful, yet affordable and accessible to most people. The characteristic grooves of the Siri-series diverged from the current conventional glass shape and the launch of Siri was considered revolutionary in the history of pressed glass.

Hadeland Glassverk is now relaunching Siri, to the delight fans of Norwegian design. The series is based on Willy Johansson's original drawings from 1953 and includes brand new products by designer Christian Svinddal.

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