World-class wine glasses, developed in collaboration with wine connoisseurs.

Icon from Hadeland Glassverk, made by Norway's most skilled glassblowers. A completely unique glass series developed in cooperation with some of Norway's best wine connoisseurs.

In this exclusive series, you will find nine specially designed glasses that optimally preserve both the aroma and taste experience. Complemented with two decanters, adapted for red and white wine, as well as a water glass.

The design is led by Chief Designer Maud Gj. Bugge in close collaboration with Martin Arentz, and other wine experts. 

Norwegian production

Every single Icon glass is a work of art in itself. The glass from Hadeland Glassverk is made by Norway's most skilled glassblowers and is produced using pure Norwegian energy. A total of 13 people are involved in the production of each glass.

Deeply rooted in tradition and unparalleled precision, each glass meets the requirements for the perfect wine glass.

We only choose the best quality glass mass for our Icon glasses. The result is a series of light, crystal clear, leaf-thin wine glasses that enhance aroma and taste.



Design and function

We wanted to produce a glass that focused on the wine. A glass that brought out the hidden aromas, notes, and complexity of the wine.

All our senses are engaged when we enjoy a glass of wine: smell, taste, sight, hearing, and especially touch. Our glasses are designed for the ultimate wine experience.

The thinness of the glass also has an important function. It means that the temperature of the wine is not affected as much as it would be by a thick glass. This is particularly important for cold wines, which can quickly become warmer if the room temperature is high.

We have designed, tested, and discussed the glasses with a number of wine connoisseurs, journalists, and sommeliers.

Enduring beauty

Even though our glasses are delicate and thin, they can withstand a round in the dishwasher without losing their natural shine.

"Norway now has a wine glass of an international quality level."

Geir Salvesen, wine journalist and writer.

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