Nordic Lifestyles

There is something deeply magnetic about the Nordic lifestyle, that draws you in. Nordic lifestyle is discovering ways to live uniquely.

The Nordic climate varies from warm and mellow midnight sun-lit summer nights to pitch black, ice cold winter afternoons. The Nordic nature can be whimsical, yet it plays an essential part in people’s lives.

For centuries, the people were modest farmers, log/timber workers and shermen who had to prioritize quality and practicality over quantity. The attitudes of our ancestors are reflected in modern Nordic design, portraying cleanliness and simplicity, communicating that less is more.

The space, fresh air and sense of calm provided by nature is brought into people’s homes, creating light, yet cozy atmospheres. Decorating with objects of pure materials, such as wood, porcelain, linen and owers, as well as the combination of rustic elements of nature with modern design, create the contrasts that are the very essence of the Nordics.

Some prefer to enjoy their meals outside, with nature as their scenery, others take nature with them inside, decorating their tables with rustic elements such as wooden branches, sea shells, pinecones, little rocks and berries. 

The white décor gives you freedom to use other colors on napkins and table decorations, in accordance with different moods, occasions and holidays. Explore the beautiful white-on-white paper clip décor, dive into the details and be amazed by new discoveries.

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