Hadeland Glassverk has in the past illuminated and decorated numerous locations across the country, including the Parliament building, The Norwegian Opera House, H & M's new flagship store on Karl Johan, the river promenade in Sandvika, Kennedy Center Concert Hall, and various churches including Våler Church and Paulus Church. All our products are made by hand. You receive specially produced unique design made in cooperation with our designers and glassblowers.

Installation in H&M's new flagship store

The 201 glass spheres are designed and hand blown at Hadeland Glassverk and now hang in H & M's new flagship store on Karl Johan.
Collaborator: Zenisk Lighting     Photo: Aakermann Photography

Våler Church

The droplet shaped lights hang in the new Våler Church and each lamp measures 1 meter long!
Designed by architect Espen Surnevik

The Norwegian Opera & Ballet

The high-tech, luminous sound reflector is a beautiful decorative feature that sits perfectly against the architectural style of the rest of the opera building. This huge chandelier weighs in total over eight tons, has a diameter of seven meters and hangs 16 meters above the parquet.
Hadeland Glassverk designed the chandelier in collaboration with Snøhetta architects.

America line

For more than 60 years, the glassworks produced objects for the Norwegian American Line. Now the headquarters re-opens on March 15th as a hotel (Now the headquarters has re-opened as a hotel), so (and) it is an honour to blow new life for the American Line! Hadeland Glassverk is responsible for the production of various lights and champagne flutes. All the products are hand-blown at Hadeland Glassverk by our skilled craftsmen.

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