Glass art installations

Glass art installations

Hadeland Glassverk has provided artworks in glass for both private and public buildings including Villa Stenersen, Statkraft, Argent restaurant, Bølgen & Moi, Ringerike hospital and various churches. Glass and porcelain are transparent materials that work wonderfully with light either as a lamp, a chandelier or integrated as other décor elements. We work with a varied colour spectrum to suit both buildings and interiors.

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Ringerike hospital

Glass installations bring together old and new buildings and provide a positive experience for both body and mind. The inspiration behind this glass installation comes from the fairytale Asbjørnsen and Moes inspired by the area around Ringerike. Several of the glass panels contain quotes from the fairytales Raveenka and Askeladden.


Hurdal School and Culture Centre

Details in the glass installations for Hurdal school and Culture Centre are inspired by botany, poetry, and industry in Hurdal and a combine glass mosaic and painting.

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