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Hadeland Glassverk was established in 1762 and is Norway’s longest existing industry company. Previously both Høvik Lys and Høvik Verk were a part of Hadeland Glassverk, and in the 1950’s and 60’s Hadeland Glassverk was one of Norway’s largest lighting suppliers. In recent years lighting has not been the main focus area for Hadeland Glassverk, but after increased interest are our designers, glassblowers and glass cutters now in full production!

Glass sphere pendants and archive lights can be ordered via


Hadeland Glassverk Lighting and decor is run by 7 dedicated and passionate employees. Feel free to contact us for an informal chat about your lighting and glass decoration needs!

Sales Director 
Anette Qvale Patrocollo

Project Manager 
Jan Erik Sørumshagen

Project Manager 
Karine Norum

Design and Artistic Director Maud Gjeruldsen Bugge

Lina Maria Rincon

Product Development and Lighting Designer 
Anders Holmedal

Digital Marketing and Graphic Designer 
Camilla Engerdahl Johannessen

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